Award Winning Books on Amazon

When a well-deserving book gets appreciated by people, writing the book gets fulfilled. Books get Awards when they win the heart of many people at once with their unique content.

It is hard to find award-winning books related to different genres in one place. But we have made this easy for you. The article covers the best and Award-Winning Books on Amazon and lets you get an insight into 25 top-rated books in no time.

Award Winning Books List on Amazon

The Sympathizer, A Novel:

The first book that comes to our list of award-winning books is Viet Thanh Nguyen; The Sympathizer. This fiction and literature book has won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, Andrew Carnegie Medal for Fiction, Best First Novel of Edgar Award, and five more awards.

The story in this book talks about love and betrayal. It is a suspenseful and thrilling fiction story of an immigrant. The Sympathizer is a combination of explanations of the fall of Saigon, dislocation to America, and the Vietnam war.
It comprises the story of a half-Vietnamese and Half-French man working as a spy in the final days of the Vietnam War. He serves his spying services to communist forces. The novel is written so that it is considered a confession to a mysterious commandant by the narrator. The narrator in this novel is forced to abandon Vietnam to maintain his cover during the fall of Saigon.

The narrator spies on General and becomes a Hollywood film consultant covering the story of war and navigating his loyalties. All this novel shows the level of power, duality, information, conflict and shows both the political and personal side of war and the person. Four chapters are included in this thrilling novel.

The Yellow House Book: A Memoir:

Sarah M Broom is well known for her extraordinary writing skill. The Yellow House: A Memoir by Sarah is one of her masterpieces. This book got the National Book Award for nonfiction in 2019.

It tells the story of hundreds of years of her family and how their relationship stayed in that home. The novel is about a mother and her struggles against the entropy of the house and about a daughter that leaves the house.

It talks about how the Yellow House was expanded over the New Orleans map and wiped off after Katrina Hurricane. The memoir covers love, race, class, pride, inequality, clan, and shame.
What’s more? It is not just the story of one person or a family or even a house. The Yellow Book is about the exceptional writing of Sarah M Broom, which lets you discover the relationship between her friends and family. It tells a lot about the time and place.

This book amazes the reader with its deep, extensive information. Undoubtedly, it is a combination of talent with research that made Sarah write a detailed memoir of her family. Thus, the rare, fantastic mix of writing became a source of winning the National Book Award.

Less book:

Sometimes, less is more, which you understand when you find out that the Novel; Less is a Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novel. Not only that, but the Less by Andrew Sean has also won A New York Times Notable Book, Washington Post Top Ten Book, San Francisco Chronicle Top Ten Book, and National Best Seller Award, all these in 2017.
This book will provide you more than you would expect from it with a combination of humor, love, affection, and mistakes. It is all about a person running away from his problems and his decision-making. Many people consider it a gay book or a book about aging, but that is not it. The character of this book is gay, and yes, it is about his age, but the story tells more.

It reveals how a person might be boring, interesting, happy, sad, ugly, beautiful, or more, and sometimes, less. Yet, we have to face specific problems and make sudden decisions or, maybe, mistakes.

Arthur Less, the main character of this story, goes through particular experiences, such as rejection, romance, aging, loneliness, errors, and decisions. It’s not limited to Gay Romance, but the emotions and adventures can be taken in a heterosexual context as well.


Flights by Olga Tokarczuk won the Nobel Prize in Literature. It also booked the Man Booker International Prize and was a finalist for National Book Award. Flights reflect on travel and contain an in-depth explanation of life, death, migration, motion, and body.

It’s not like any other fiction book but is fascinating as well as imaginative. The book contains a total of 16 vignettes that are interconnected to each other.

With the combination of knowledge and curiosities, these vignettes are formed and are based on travel and time. Flights introduce its readers to fellow pilgrims. The book is considered the best reading stuff for expert readers. Beginners may find it difficult to understand.
It begins with the self-awareness of the narrator and tells how she is stuck. She understands the motion of life with river water and relates different worldly phenomena to life experiences. For example, she compares motion with life and static with death.

She also addresses spiritual pilgrimages aspects. Thus, those who like to travel and love to explore more about life will find this book helpful. It is considered the best writing piece with its separate and overlapping short stories, travel notes, and essays.

The Overstory: A Novel:

The overstory summary

The Overstory, a novel by Richard Powers, has won Pulitzer Award in fiction and William Dean Howells Medal. The book was also shortlisted for Man Booker Prize. The 10000+ reviews of the book with a 4.5 stars rating tell the readers that it gives some good content.

Even Barack Obama has something to say about this book; the book changed his perception about Earth and our place. It changed my perception of things, and that is what we call a worth reading book.
The Overstory is an environment fiction novel that changes your life and perception of your environment. It also highlights climate changes issues. The deep sayings and sentences of the book are alone the promising start of the book.

The Overstory is enriched with information and essential research. Whether you talk about the killing of 3+ billion chestnut American trees, Old Tijikko Tree with 10000+ years of the root, Quaking Aspens, or more, you will find the details in the book.

The book covers all this information and captures your interest with nine individuals who explore the significance of green beings. The chapters overlap with each other and get connected at some point. All in all, it is a complete and detailed explanation of our natural environment.

An American Marriage (Oprah’s Book Club): A Novel:

Tayari Jones, the author of Silver Sparrow, came up with another masterpiece, An American Marriage. This book was added to Oprah’s Book Club 2018 and was also longlisted for the 2018 National Book Award. Barack Obama reviewed this book by calling it a moving portrayal of impact on a young couple of wrongful convictions.
It is a tensed and intimate love story with a touch of race and class. The characters include Celestial and Roy, who are newly married. They both start their marriage life with dreams and wishes, but unexpected events happen when they settle into their routine. Roy gets arrested and sentenced to 12 years of jail. Celestial takes comfort in Andre, the best man at their wedding.

Roy’s conviction gets overturned, and he returns from prison after five years with a dream of resuming his marriage life. However, the tables are turned now, and it is not the love story of two people anymore. The love triangle starts, and everyone gets tangled in experiences of hope and pain. What will happen next? You have to read An American Marriage to find out.

The Weight of Ink:

Rachel Kadish won the National Jewish Book Award for her book “The Weight of Ink.” This book is a tale of two women, Ester Velasquez and Helen Watt. The story is set in the 1660s and early twenty-first century.

The weight of ink review:

Ester is an emigrant from Amsterdam; meanwhile, Helen is a historian interested in Jewish History. Before the plague hits the city, Ester is allowed to scribe, i.e., to copy or record for a blind rabbi.

Helen embarks on a project to explore the identity of scribe documents. Both the women are separated by time and are interconnected to each other regarding their choices and sacrifices.
They have to make these decisions and choices to reconcile heart and mind. The Weight of Ink is also the Best Book of the Year on Amazon. It marked its name in Top Reads of 2017 in Jewish Exponents.

Moreover, the book also won the Association of Jewish Libraries Fiction Award. Tori Morrison called Rachel a gifted writer. Her novel has won the hearts of many book readers. The Weight of Ink is an astonishing and satisfying novel with a surprising and impressive story.

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves:

Are you looking for a fun novel so you could discuss it with your friends and family too? If yes, then “We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy is the perfect pick for you. The book will introduce you to a middle-class family with a normal lifestyle.

This ordinary lifestyle written in extraordinary writing skills by Karen will fulfill your reading satisfaction in all possible ways. The novel has won Faulkner Award and is one of the bestselling novels of the New York Times.
The Cooke family, including parents, sister Rosemary and Fern, and brother Lowell has some exciting stories and experiences to share with you. It also encompasses the story of Rosemary, who becomes a silent person from being a talkative one. Rosemary is the novel’s narrator, and she reveals her family’s past as the story starts.

Rosemary shares the distant relationship with her parents and tells how she visits her father on thanksgiving only. The novel is full of family drama with a touch of emotions, memorable moments, plot twists, and surprising factors.

The Girl Who Lived: A Thrilling and Suspense Novel:

The Girl Who Lived Review:

If you are tired of regular books and want some thrilling and suspense books to read, then Christopher Greyson is here to fulfill your need. The Girl who lived by Christopher is full of suspense and lets you enter the world of thrilling experiences.

This novel won Gold Medal for best Mystery eBook in 2018. It is also the winner of the National Indie Excellence Award for the Best Thriller Novel. Moreover, it was voted as the most loved cover book by Net Galley Readers.
The novel talks about the murder of four people and a survivor. As the story begins, the suspense and haunting imaginative experience start. When four people get murdered, Faith Winters (Survivor) tells the murder story to the people around her.

But no one believes in her story. People call her crazy. Nobody knows if she has seen the killer or not. They admit Faith to a psychiatric hospital. After release from the hospital, she gets trapped in self-destruction. Later, she decides to find out the killer. Does she find the killer? You have to read this mysterious book to find out.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel:

Another New York Times Bestselling book is “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” by Neil Gaiman. This novel lets you explore the power of emotions, relationships, sacrifices, and memories. Time Magazine called this book a novel about truths. The truths that sometimes children know but adults are unaware of. Some of these truths are wonderful, while some are terrible.
The story is about a growing up and some flashbacks of the past. There are many named and unnamed characters in this book which makes it even more enjoyable. The story is inclined more towards sadness but for a purpose. It aims to insert more amount of love and humanity into readers. The novel is about a middle-aged man who returns to his home to attend a funeral.

However, his attention gets drawn toward his past, where all the impossible things were real, including magic and monster. The novel was named the Book of the Year by the National Book Awards of the UK as it uncovers the hidden truth of friendships and wonders.

Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead: A Novel:

Drive your plow over the bones of the dead review:

As we have already discussed, Olga Tokarczuk is a brilliant book writer. In 2019, she came up with a murder mystery book named “Drive Your Plow Over the bones of the dead.” As the name indicates, it is an extraordinary and powerful mysterious novel. Guess what?

This novel has also won the Nobel Prize in Literature. The story begins with the devotion of Janina to study astrology, translating William Blake’s poetry, and taking care of wealthy Warsaw residents in the remote Polish village.
She prefers animals over humans and is famous as a crank in the village. However, her neighbor and some other people die from an unknown cause, and Janina gets involved in the investigation. While the whole story goes on, Olga also discussed treating animals and other human beings in her novel. She described some vital points to stop animal killings. What is more? The ongoing concept about human destiny, environment, animal rights, imaginations, and different interesting characters. All these things combine and bring an unusual and exceptional novel for you.

This Tender Land:

This tender land summary:

Writer of “Where the Crawdads Sing,” William Kent Krueger, is also famous for his life-changing novel, “This Tender Land.” William is among New York Times Bestsellers, and his exceptional writing proves his dedication towards writing. This Tender Land unleashes the story of 1992, in which an Orphan, Odie, is forced to fly from Lincoln Indian Training School after committing a crime with his partners.

The partners include Odie, his brother, his best friend, and a girl named Emmy. These four orphans start their journey together after traveling toward the Mississippi River. They cross different paths and face other challenges. All these four children head towards the Mississippi River with different perspectives and dreams in mind. William has provided in-depth explanations of the crime story, challenges, and targets, as well as significant pieces of wisdom.
The novel satisfies its readers in many ways as it encompasses historical themes, thrilling crime, adventurous journey, and self-actualization. The before and after leaving the school journey of the four orphans and their road trip have a lot to tell and are more of a mature classic book.

Ordinary Grace: A Novel:

Ordinary grace summary:

If you are also looking for a powerful and heart-touching book, then opt for Ordinary Grace. This novel by William Kent has won Edgar Award for best novel in 2014 and DILYS Award. It is also among the New York Times bestselling books and Best Book for School Library Journal. The novel is based on a murder story of 1961 and revolves around a small town and a young boy.
New Bremen was hoping for a routine in 1961, and everything was going in pace. The time of hope and innocence passed in the country, and everything was going at an average speed. However, life was not as simple and ordinary for Frank Drum as any other person. The 13 years old boy has to face the sudden deaths of his family members. Death strikes his family in many forms, such as natural death, accidental death, suicide, and even murder.

The perception about life and everything change for Frank, and he gets thrown into a world of lies and betrayal. The way he understands the world and discovers the wisdom and grace of God from all these happenings is admirable by the readers.

My Side of the Mountain:

My Side of the Mountain Review:

Author Jean Craighead George loves to write for children. He came up with a book suitable for children, teenagers as well as young adults. My Side of the Mountain book is the number one best-selling book for teens and young adults.
Even though the first edition of the book was published in 2001, it is still a new and unique version for all ages. The text is full of adventure and shares a boy who learns about freedom, bravery, and courage. The boy Sam runs away from his family to live all by himself and reaches the Catskill Mountains.

All he takes while leaving the house includes forty dollars, steel and flint, a cord ball, and a penknife. He does not have anything else for his survival. Yet, he learns a lot about survival—independence, and courage during the passing years. The adventures and dangers that he suffers are of another level, and it’s fun to read about his escape and survival.

Beneath a Scarlet Sky: A Novel:

Beneath a scarlet sky summary:

Beneath a scarlet sky, a novel by Mark Sullivan came on top in Amazon’s chart of Bestselling. The story is based on a true story and is soon a TV event starring Tom Holland. The book has over 50000 reviews with 4.5 stars rating, and that tells a lot about it. Mark Sullivan informs his readers about a forgotten hero, Pino Lella, who lived an everyday life until Allied bombs destroyed his home.
Pino Lella joins an underground railroad and starts helping Jews to escape from the Alps and falls for a widow, Anna. Meanwhile, Pino’s parents ask him to join the German army to protect him. Pino meets an injury there and is recruited as a personal driver of General Hans Leyers, known as the third most potent commander and left hand of Adolf Hitler.

Pino gets the opportunity to spy for the allies and goes through the horror of war. He dreams of living a loving life with Anna and keeps fighting for it secretly. What happens next? Let us not spoil that for you.

Where the Crawdads Sing:

Where the Crawdads Sing Overview:

Along with all these award-winning and top rating books, we have our top pick too. We are talking about”Where the Crawdads Sing,” which came at number one in New York Times Bestselling Book.

You will be amazed and also shocked to find out that over 10 million copies of this book have been sold worldwide. Reese Witherspoon added this book in Reese’s Book Club Pick with a unique review that she doesn’t want to end the story. She said that it is not possible to explain her love for this book. The New York Times reviewed this book with two words: Painfully Beautiful.
Delia Owens covers the story of Marsh Girl that was rumored to haunt Barkley Cove for years. When a handsome Chase Andrews is found dead in 1969, the locals suspected the Marsh Girl. But it is not how it looks like. Marsh Girl, named Kya Clark, is an intelligent and sensitive girl who faced many difficulties and survived alone.

However, everyone wants to be loved and touched, so the Marsh girl starts a new journey and opens some new chapters in her life. The book is about a heartbreaking story and tale of possible murder with a mixture of beauty, love, violence, and suspense.

The Goldfinch: A Novel:

The Goldfinch: A Novel Overview

Another award-winning book on Amazon is The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. This exciting novel, The Goldfinch, tells the story of a young new yorker who survived an accident but lost his mother in it. She was then abandoned by his father and was later taken by a wealthy friend of his family.

At the age of 13, he has to face his mother’s death, a strange new home, and disturbing schoolmates. The novel does not end here but is the beginning of Theo’s adventurous life. He enters the world of art with a captivating painting that reminds him of his mother. However, what happens later is the central part of this novel. We do not want to spoil that vital part for you.
The novel has won Pulitzer Prize for Fiction as it ensures a mesmerizing old-fashioned story with a sense of obsession and loss, along with self-invention. This story is among those unique novels that keep you awake all night and provides you an exciting topic to discuss with your friends.

Its 4+ stars rating with over 35000+ reviews tells a lot about its demand. The 700+ pages book won’t let you sleep until you finish it, and that’s how much suspense and interest this masterpiece novel contains.

Beyond the Bright Sea:

beyond the bright sea overview:

Lauren Wolk named the Scott O’Dell Award for historical fiction, 2018, after her novel, Beyond the Bright Sea. She has also written Echo Mountain Newbery Honor. The book did not stop there and acclaimed NPR Best Book of the Year, Horn Book Fanfare Selection, NY Public Library Best Book of the year, and much more. The book revolves around the story of an orphan who is willing to explore her History and, during the exploration, uncovers the meaning of family and relations.
Crow, the main character of the novel, was abandoned when she was born. She was set adrift in a boat, and her only companions were Osh, who saved and raised her, and Miss Maggie, her affectionate neighbor.

Crow was curious about her environment and her life, and when different mysterious events happened around her, it triggered Crow to explore more about her life and the world around her. The novel is a heart-wrenching story of Crow and explains the true meaning of family. With 320 pages in this book, it is highly recommended for people of all ages.

Raven Black: Book One of the eight, Shetland Island Mysteries:

A mysterious series by Ann Cleeves with eight parts was published in 2008. The series Shetland was also based on this book and is now airing on PBS. We are talking about none other than Raven Black, a thriller book. The author won Britain’s coveted Duncan Lawrie Dagger Award with the introduction of a suspense series. The series is mainly linked with US mystery readers; however, it is suitable for all countries.
This thrilling book uncovers the story of a lonely girl Magnus Tait who waits for visitors on New Year’s Eve, but no one comes to her home. Later, police find a dead body of a teenage girl near her house, and all the suspicion falls on Magnus’s main character.

Then comes the inspector Jimmy Perez investigating the murder mystery and opening the past of the Shetland Islands and its unknown History. Even though not every outstanding book turns into a great movie or series, but Shetland series did justice to the book, making both the movie and book highly recommendable.

Imagine Me Gone:

Imagine me gone book review:

Imagine Me Gone is a National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize Finalist. The book covers the intimate story of Margaret and her family. It is about the time when Margaret’s Fiancée get hospitalized in 1960 for depression.

Her fiancée’s hospitalization brings specific challenges and choices to Margaret. Despite knowing the condition of her fiancée, she chose to marry him. It unfolds the lovable and faithful act of characters.
She gives birth to Michael, Celia, and Alec. All three children have their roles and characteristics in the book “Imagine Me Gone.” Michael is an anxious music fanatic.

Celia is responsible and savvy. Meanwhile, Alec is controlled and ambitious. The novel does not revolve around one single character but is told from a different point of view of all the family members. It is a hilarious novel with a series of heart-wrenching events.

Above all, the mother’s love toward her children and the sibling’s devotion toward each other is highly admirable in this book. The novel is a powerful work of Adam Haslett, giving the reader essential family goals and bonding ideas.

The Narrow Road to the Deep North:

the narrow road to the deep north summary:

Richard Flanagan’s outstanding book, The Narrow Road to the Deep North, won the Man Booker Prize. The Washington Post reviewed the book by saying that nothing shook them after “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. Richard shows the gift in his book.

This book is recommended for expert readers. The book covers different places and concepts, including Australian POW, Japanese Military, Thailand Jungles, and much more.
If you are an empathetic person, this book will reveal many sad truths to you. It discusses how POW was attacked by dengue, malaria, malnutrition, and cholera and killed thousands of people.

Only a few hundred were survived, and they had to face abuse and degradation. Richard wrote about the complexities of life and shared a complex tale in The Narrow Road to the Deep North. The book then got all the appreciation it deserved.

All these events and situations are explained as a narration by Dorrigo Evans. Dorrigo is the book’s main character, and he finds fame and recognition in his old age. He betrays his partner and looks upon himself as a failure. Specific periods and explanations of personal experiences and political and environmental changes make it a perfect read for everyone.


Pachinko Review

Pachinko, written by Min Jin Lee, is a National Book Award finalist and is also among the top ten books of the New York Times. The titles do not stop here, but the book also become Notable Book of 2017 of New York Times, Top Ten of 2017 of USA Today, and Winner of Medici Book Club Prize. Washington Post titled this book as Roxane Gay’s Favorite Book 2017. It also grabbed many other titles and became the bestselling book of 2017.
The book talks about an adored daughter of a fisherman named Sunja. She falls for a wealthy stranger at her teenage. The stranger makes many promises, but Sunja finds out that her lover is married. When she gets pregnant, she accepts a marriage proposal from a sick and kind minister. However, her rejection of her son’s father makes her pay a considerable cost. What happens next is Pachinko?

It is about a dramatic saga which you will uncover while reading the book. This book is full of ambition, loyalty, love, and sacrifice. If you love stories with a twist of sacrifices, and unexpected decisions and choices, then Pachinko is written for you.

The Underground Railroad: A Novel:

the underground railroad summary:

Colson Whitehead wrote the novel, The Underground Railroad and won National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize for the novel. The story of a young person, Cora, is explained in this book with a touch of freedom and adventures. She is a slave in Georgia, and she goes through colossal pain.

A recently joined slave, Caesar urges her to escape with him. Did she escape from the horrible terror of the Underground Railroad? Or did she stay at Underground Railroad and keep going through brutality and atrocious behavior.
Many books have been written about slavery and escape, yet this one marked its name in the New York Times Best-selling book and defeated other books. The book left a substantial impact on its readers and provided a powerful read to all.

The Underground Railroad will make you uncomfortable but in a beautiful style. It will unfold truths about Underground Railroad and will bring your attention to some forgotten events.

Over 14000 high rating of this novel tells readers’ trust in Colson Whitehead and how she conquered the hearts of many with this masterpiece. Moreover, Amazon Prime Video Series is also made on this novel.

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things: A Novel:

All the ugly and wonderful things summary:

Do you know about a book that won Book of the Month Club, Book of the Year 2016? No?

Do you know which book became USA Today and New York Times bestselling book? No?

Do you also know about a book that got second place in Goodreads Best Fiction of 2016?

If no, then let us tell you. We are talking about “All the ugly and Wonderful Things” by Bryn Greenwood. This book is a beautiful love story of two different people and their relationship. Wavy is a drug dealer’s daughter, and she hardly trusts anyone, not even her family.

She raises her brother and is obsessed with constellations. She becomes friends with one of her father’s enemies and forms a stronger relationship with him.

It is a powerful novel written by Bryn, and it talks about what looks beautiful to Wavy looks ugly to the outside world. Once you start reading this novel, there is no going back. It will draw all your attention towards it. Read about how Wavy starts her life, struggles to raise her brother, forms an unusual friendship with a stranger, and deals with worldly challenges.

The Book with No Pictures:

The Book with No Pictures Summary

The Book with No Pictures, just like its unique name, is also outstanding in its writing. A humorist and an actor B write it. J. Novak. The book directs your attention to a common perception about books. Readers usually consider a book with pictures as enjoyable, while a book with no photos is dull.

When it comes to children, people always choose a book with pictures. But guess what? The book with no pictures” is among the most beloved books by children. It is an Award-Winning book with over 13000 reviews and most with a 5-star rating.
A moment after starting this book, you will start laughing and jumping, and that’s what youd recommend to a 4 to 10 years old kid or even more. It is highly recommended for kids and adults as it will bring you more towards reading rather than looking at pictures.

Visualization through pictures is essential, but we forget about meaningful text and content while giving importance to it. The Book with No Pictures will remind you of that forgotten concept.
With a read of about an hour, you have discovered a lot about the 25 highest-rated and Award-Winning Books of Amazon. It is entirely up to you to choose the most appealing books and add them to your Wishlist of upcoming reads.

There is no need to select the best among all, as each of the books mentioned above is best in its way. Continue reading all of them, one by one. Explore tons of knowledge, History, and entertainment. Don’t forget to share your reviews with us, and yes, keep reading.

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