Addiction to Illegal Drugs Among Teenagers

In today’s world drug is not only means medicine but it also called the fatal narcotics which include cocaine, heroin, soft drugs, and many other specifications.  Every drug has its evil effect on the body of the person and his mind because they get addicted to those drugs. health Addiction level of drugs increases with each and every day as time is passing. Drug addiction and drug abuse both are slightly different from each other. Drug usage among youth is a serious health problem. It affects in some way or other to every community and family. Drug usage in youth are more dangerous and may pose a greater risk than in older people because youth’s and children’s brain are not yet fully grown. As a result, the brain of young people gets influenced by drug usage and addiction than older people. In drug abuse, users desire to obtain the drug in the increasing amount whereas drug addiction means users get dependent on the physical needs of the specific drug that results in physical harm and behavior problems which might cause cross-tolerance. Drug users if they don’t avail drugs on time the automatically patient’s symptoms critical and they immediately need some prevention as they are badly addicted to the drug.

Teenagers Are the Main Victims

Youth are getting targeted so badly that they are now the worst victims of drug addiction.  There is various consumption of drugs that youth have intake so much.  Pain relievers, inhalants, tranquilizers, stimulants, sedatives, cocaine, soft drugs, and marijuana.  The intake of a marijuana drug in youth has so much mostly 56% marijuana used in youth from all the other drugs.  The illicit use of drugs among youth like age 18-24, marijuana drugs have so much used. 

Target Locations

Drug usage is so much new increase in the educational institutions. Even in schools, colleges and universities students are now at an alarming position because they are getting now more and more addicted to the drugs that are threatening not only for their life and future but also for people around them especially their friends and family. 

Reasons Why Teenagers Get Addicted Affected the Most

There are so many reasons why students are indulging in drugs and get addicted.  For example, start from the family. In most the cases, families don’t give proper time to their children, and sometimes parents fight with each other all day which affects the children very badly that might lead to drug addiction because in that disturbed family environment he has to suffer his own. He then gets involved in harmful activities like drugs because they have no parental supervision. So, lack of parental supervision also leads them to indulge in drug usage. There are so many reasons why drug users engage in such kind of activities so the main reason starts with the family (clinic). It might be also due to peer pressure that uses drugs. Like if a person who not uses drugs but his friends do then their group imposed him to do drugs together and for some reason, he might indulge in such activities too.  Also if they don’t do drug their group start making fun of him, and he thinks himself inferior among them so that he starts do drugs. In case those who are at a safe place from the friend group who are using drugs,  he can’t keep him stay from that stuff because they start saying stuff like uncool, weak not so modern so automatically all these things trap him to do such stuff with their friends. Another reason is because of the exam stress. This type of reason mostly come from the family like they want from the children to get good marks and if they will not get great marks then they will be punished by their parents and that kind of stress also make him as introvert and because of that they can’t share things with anyone so they need some kind of pain reliever to get out from the stress..

Use of Drugs for Pleasure

Most people take drugs for their pleasant effects that may cause health problems and these are illegal. It is not necessary only poverty is the main reason to lead towards drugs but also youth from the elite background also indulge in drug usage and now they think as a part of high status.  Drug type is different for both classes and reasons too are different for both upper and lower class, how they socialize things are different. The elite class now use more kind of soft drugs which include water pipe smoking, cigarettes because to show-off now it is kind of symbol to show off how much they are modern without even thinking how badly it effects in their health. Water pipe smoking (hookah) is a type of smoking habit, widely encountered in Middle Eastern countries, in which smoke passes through water. Whereas poor people do because of poverty, rejection by someone, anxiety, depression, lack of parental supervision, exam stress which affect teenager’s worst on their health. Some users get addicted because they try to follow the western culture of drugs and enjoyment of life. Now in today’s society youth are taking drugs and because of that, they are indulging in bad activities like sexual harassment, depression which also sometimes led to death and sometimes this leads to major health issues like HIV/AIDS. The trend of using the drugs is growing so fast especially in educational institutions that have given some serious threats to life and health, because students in universities, colleges are using drugs openly without feeling any shame.  Drugs affect students both physically and mentally and because of that effect, they can’t concentrate on their studies. 

Drugs Dependency Types

Like users get Dependant on the drugs differently, there are two types of drug dependence that are physical and psychological.  Psychological dependence is the kind of drug dependence that has the subjective feeling that a drug user needs a kind of drug to maintain a feeling of pleasure and wellbeing. Physical Dependence is defined as it is characterized by tolerance in which users need in a large amount of dose to achieve initial effect when the users feel to prevent such withdrawal symptoms.

Illegal Drug Abusers

Drug abuse is a complex problem thought to result from a combination of psychological and environmental factors. Infants of abusers may suffer from neglect or the effects of parental drug use. As they grow into childhood, they may demonstrate antisocial behavior, poor self-esteem, depression, or attention deficit disorder. Identification of drug abuse is a difficult first step on the road to recovery because of the methods many addicts use to hide their addiction, the inability of family members to recognize or accept the problem, and the relatives’ enabling behavior.

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