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12 Major Problems World Is Facing Today

The planet ‘Earth’ on which we are living today has reached its capacity of serving to human race. As population is increasing rapidly, the problems attached to population are also increasing.

There are many problems that the world is facing but some of the major issues are as follows:

1. Overpopulation:
The world population has touched 7.7 billion mark. This is threatening the carrying capacity of the planet. It is said that the way world population is increasing, the planet might unable to sustain the future of its inhabitants.

2. Over-consumption:
The prolong over-consumption will lead to the degradation of the environment and eventually loss of natural resources. Over-consumption and overpopulation are directly linked to each other. The more the population, the more will be consumption of the raw material by the people to sustain their lives.

3. Global Warming:
World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Survey 2017 conducted a research in which nearly 48.8% of the participants showed concern over climate change/global warming. The abrupt fall and rise in the temperature across different continents is a clear indication that the planet is in pain and need help. Science holds human beings accountable for global warming.

4. Poverty:
one of the biggest issues of the world is poverty. More than 70% of the people in the world own less than 3% of the whole wealth. People are forced to live below the poverty line in many countries.

5. Religious Conflict:
Over the years terrorism and the rise in religiously-motivated insurgent groups have forced several governments to take heavy measures for defense. As a result, the rise in defense has reached $1.7 trillion.

6. Government Accountability:
The political scandals throughout the world have caused unrest across many nations. This has led people to distrust their governments. Skepticism on such issues is giving rise to many social movements.

7. Education:
Education is the critical issue that despite seeing an improvement from the last century is still suffering from inadequate measures. The inequality between genders regarding education has raised many questions. 130 million girls across the globe are unable to access proper education.

8. Food and Water:
Currently, 1 in 9 people lack access to clean water across the world and the same ratio is malnourished. The World Health Organization is addressing this issue on the ground and through political influence.

9. Unemployment:
Millions of youngsters around the world are looking for a job that can help them meet their basic needs. Every year universities push millions of the graduate in the market but governments are failing to generate the economic activities that help generate employment options.

10. Safety/Well-Being:
The economic instability across the globe is giving rise to many crimes. People are forced to put their lives in dangerous crimes to meet their basic needs. This is giving rise to concern over security. Street crimes are a major concern of the people. No one feels safe and secure while going out.

11. Discrimination:
The income gap between top and bottom earners is getting wider. Rich are becoming richer and the poor are getting poorer.

12. Health:
Still, there are many underdeveloped countries that do not have access to proper health-care measures. Life expectancy in developing nations is on average 14 years behind developed nations

The above factors are asking us (humans) to step forward to raise voice against injustice. We are accountable for all the mess so it is our responsibility to step forward and lend a hand to a better world.

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